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Ridetech Springs and Shocks

We recommend and exclusively use suspension components from:

Below are a couple photos showing Ridetech's coil-over shocks

mounted on our rear suspension adapter kits.

Ridetech Suspension Components:

  • There are a lot of quality aftermarket suspension manufacturers offering everything from shocks to springs to bushings and hardware.

  • I took some time and searched just about every one of these manufacturers before I came to an unwavering decision:  Ridetech would be the company we would use and recommend exclusively.

  • In fact, when I make a list of parts for a new project, I go to Ridetech's Online Catalog first.  If any of the parts I'm looking for are offered by them, I look no further.


Here's Why:

  • Ridetech has been in business, with a great reputation, for over 20 Years!

  • Their suspension products are on the cutting edge of tomorrow's technology.

  • Products are street and track tested extensively - both in house and worldwide.

  • The fit and finish of their products is extremely precise and detailed - second to none.

  • Once a product is finished it is carefully wrapped and boxed, to make sure it will arrived intact.

  • Ridetech's employees are all automotive enthusiasts, that have unsurpassed product knowledge.

  • And finally, they have a warranty second to none on their shocks, purchased after January 1, 2013.

1,000,001 Miles!

(That's One-Million-and-One-Miles!)

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