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Type 2 Drivetrain

For the builder that wants to upgrade to a more favorable front to rear weight distribution.

Type 2

Front Mounted Engine - Torque Tube - Corvette 6-Speed or Automatic Transaxle

Since the C5 and C6 Corvettes are designed with a mid-mounted transmission bolted directly the front of the differential, the factory torque tube must be used in this configuration.

Just the mention of a torque tube sends some people running, but the torque tube is actually not much more than an enclosed driveshaft.  It that adds a great deal of strength to the drivetrain and can be lengthened or shortened just as you would a conventional driveshaft.

If it turns out that the factory torque tube is only a few inches shorter than the desired length, instead of shortening it, this might be the perfect time to consider setting the engine back a little to make up the difference.

Above is a C5 Corvette 4L60E Automatic Transmission and Differential.

A shortened Torque Tube attached to the OEM Corvette Tremec 6-Speed and Differential.  Notice how the shifter attaches directly to the torque tube.  This results in extremely positive shifting.

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