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Corvette Differential Driveshaft Adapters

Type I Drivetrain Configuration (Second Design)

​Since all C5 and C6 Corvettes were produced with a mid mounted transmission and rear differential, a driveshaft adapter must be mounted to the front of the differential when eliminating the transmission, to allow the use of a conventional driveshaft.

Although this adapter is more expensive than the 5th Generation Camaro 'Hammerhead' differential and mounting kit, any time a full-width cradle is used in a Type I application, we recommend the use of the Driveshaft Yoke Adapter.  This is because everything else can remain factory stock including the differential, the axles and even the transverse spring, which makes the overall installation less expensive and very simple.

The Driveshaft Yoke Adapter, complete with the front mount.

The photos above show the only critical dimension.  Corvettes came with a couple different diameters - so make sure that these are your dimensions.  If they're 6.000" to 6.030" you have the proper differential.  The wrong  ones are off by .500 or more.

This is a differential that's off of a manual transmission.  As long as the dimension is correct, don't worry about the hole leading into the ring and pinion area.  The O-ring on the adapter is designed to seal this off.

Some of the late model C6 Corvettes have a different bolt pattern on the differential. 

(Take note of the four bolts around the center recess in the front  of the differential.)

Our adapters will not directly bolt up to this style, so make sure your differential doesn't look like the one in the photo above. 

​Above is a complete C5 Type I drivetrain with the Corvette Differential

and Yoke Adapter Installed

This adapter will only work with a standard (Non-ZO6) C5 Corvette differentials.


The C5 Differential Yoke Adapter is no longer sold by us, but may be purchased through Chassis Concepts. 

For more information, call Ray at: 267-934-1667

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