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Type  1  Drivetrain

Front Engine and Transmission - Driveshaft - Rear Differential

  The four different Types of drivetrains all use the identical suspension kits and cradles -  

 and are mainly used for clarification purposes between

Dobbertin Performance and the builder.


Once this incredibly versatile Corvette IRS is installed with our Corvette Interface Kit, you might notice that there's a lot of space to design your drivetrain in one of four distinct Types.

The Type 1 Drivetrain Configuration is available in two designs:

Type 1 

(First Design)

Incorporating the 5th Generation Camaro 'Hammerhead' Aluminum Differential

Front Engine and Transmission - Driveshaft - Rear Differential

  • The left photo below shows a C5 cradle with our Corvette Interface Adapter Kit mounted to it.

  • The center photo shows our Camaro differential mounting kit, which allows the installation of a 2010 – 2015 5th Generation Camaro differential directly onto the C5 Corvette rear cradle.

  • The right photo shows our Camaro differential mounting kit installed on the cradle. 

  • The next row, with two photos, shows the Camaro Differential Mounted on the cradle.

We are not currently offering the complete Camaro Hammerhead mounting kit,

but we do sell the three 3" x 3" uprights for making your own kit for $175.00.


​The 5th-Generation Camaro aluminum 'Hammerhead' differential is readily available online and in salvage yards for around $800.00 and comes in two factory ratios, including 3.27, found in automatic cars, 

and a 3.45 found behind the manual transmissions.


Other aftermarket ratios are available such as a 3.91 ratio direct from GM as well as 4.10 ratio and up from aftermarket manufactures.


Our installation kits will also work with most 9" Ford/Camaro differential conversions as well as the Strange Engineering and Lingenfelter 5th Generation Camaro differentials.

Type 1

(Second Design)

Front Engine & Transmission – Driveshaft – C5 Differential with Yoke Adapter

Since all C5 and C6 Corvettes were produced with a mid-mounted transmission bolted directly to the differential, a driveshaft adapter must be mounted to the front of the Corvette differential when eliminating the transmission, to allow the use of a conventional driveshaft.

Any time a full-width cradle is used in a Type 1 application, the builder should consider the use of the Driveshaft Yoke Adapter.  Although a bit pricey, (around $2,400.00) Everything else can remain factory stock, including the axles, springs and anti-sway bar, which makes the installation less expensive and very simple.

The Driveshaft Yoke Adapter

The Driveshaft Yoke Adapter is available through

Chassis Concepts - 267-934-1667 - ask for Ray. 

The Type 1 Kit (Second Design) with the Corvette Differential and Yoke Adapter Installed

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