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Type  3  Drivetrain

For the builder that wants to radically change the handling characteristics of

His or her vehicle – the Center-Grav-Touring Series is the answer!

We feel that once a vehicle has undergone a radical change in its Center of Gravity,

it deserves a radical new identity!


To be classified as a Center-Grav or C-G Touring vehicle:

  • It may be a car, truck or van manufactured in any year.

  • It must have been converted to a mid-engine configuration (The engine mounted between the front and rear axles – and behind the driver’s seat – radically changing its Center of Gravity.)

  • It must have been originally offered from the factory with a conventional front engine / transmission with either front or rear wheel drive. (Cars offered with a mid-engine configuration from the factory such as Fiero, Ferrari or Lamborghini do not qualify.)

Type 3

Mid Mounted Engine - Modified Corvette Automatic Transaxle

bolted directly to the engine - eliminating the torque tube.

The Type 3 drivetrain is different from the Type 1 and Type 2 designs, in that it moves the engine behind the front row of seats.


It accomplishes this by bolting a Camaro bellhousing directly to the front of the transmission and a Corvette C5 or C6 differential directly to the rear of the transmission.

The Type 3 Kit requires plenty of room – from behind the driver's seat to the rear axle centerline – at least 58” to make slide in nice and easy. Examples of candidates for a Type 3 drivetrain configuration include extended or crew cab pickup trucks, vans or even older panel trucks or station wagons.


All of our Corvette Interface Adapter Kits are identical for Types 1, 2, 3 and 4. 

The widths are changed by narrowing the cradles.

In the photo above, the front drivetrain is a Type 2 configuration, with a Corvette transaxle. 

The rear transmission is a Type 4 configuration, utilizing a Mendeola transaxle.  


This exhibits why the Corvette transaxle requires an additional 20 inches in length compared to the Mendeola transaxle. used in the Type 4 drivetrain configuration. 

It's all because of the placement of the transmission in relation to the differential.

The Corvette transaxle places the transmission in front of the differential, whereas the Mendeola transaxle places the transmission behind the differential.

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