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5th Gen Camaro 'Hammerhead' Differential Mounting Kits

Type I Drivetrain Configuration (First Design)


Due to the different angles, widths of the cradles and placements of the differentials, we no longer offer the entire kit - however, we do offer the three 3" x 3" rounded-top uprights (without the plates on the bottoms) as shown in the photos below - so you can position the differential yourself.  The three uprights with shipping are $175.00.

This kit allows the installation of a 2010 – 2015 5th Generation Camaro 'Hammerhead' aluminum differential, directly onto the C5 Corvette rear cradle –  completely replacing the factory Corvette differential.

The C5 and C6 Corvettes are all built with the transmission bolted directly to the differential for better weight distribution.  So if a builder wants to go the conventional route, (front engine and transmission - driveshaft -  rear differential) this is the best and most cost effective way to accomplish the task.

              The Complete Mounting Kit                 The Kit installed on a full-width C5 rear cradle

5th Gen Camaro differential
camaro differential

The 5th-Generation Camaro aluminum 'Hammerhead' differential is readily available online and in salvage yards for around $500.00 with a 3.27 ratio in automatic vehicles and a 3.45 in manual shifting cars.

Other aftermarket ratios are available such as a 3.91 ratio direct from GM as well as 4.10 ratio and up from aftermarket manufactures.

These installation kits will also work with some 9" Ford/Camaro differential conversions as well as the Strange Engineering and Lingenfelter 5th Generation Camaro differentials.

Three 3" x 3" aluminum uprights:

$175.00 - including shipping.

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