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Corvette Suspension Cradles

Remember, our adapter kits can be used in conjunction with thirteen different width cradles, which are based on WMS to WMS dimensions, for a custom fit in your application. For more information on ordering the adapter kits and cradles, refer to Section 12: “How to Determine the Proper Width Kit.”

  • The second design utilizes the C5 Corvette aluminum differential and a driveshaft yoke adapter to enable the use of a conventional driveshaft. 

  • The driveshaft yoke adapter is available through Chassis Concepts - 267-934-1667 - ask for Ray. 


They all utilize the factory Corvette differential in conjunction with a standard width or narrowed C5 or C6 cradle, axles and CV joints.


Remember, our kits are available in 13 different widths, which are based on WMS to WMS dimensions, for a custom fit in your application. For more information on ordering the kits, refer to Section 12: “How to Determine Which Width Cradle to Order.”


​Standard and Custom Width Cradles for Custom Applications


Measuring from the rotor to rotor wheel mounting surfaces, (or WMS) the cradles are available in thirteen widths – Standard Corvette, which is 66.75” – as well as 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12-inch narrower versions.  (More information on the widths is available in Section 12 - How to Determine the Proper Width Corvette Interface Kit.)

The major difference between the C5 and C6 rear cradles is where the differential mounts are located.  The C5 differential utilizes a single mount in the rear, whereas the C6 differential has dual mounts - one on each side. 

So here at Dobbertin Performance, when we need to narrow a rear cradle for a specific application, we almost exclusively use the C5 cradles.  In addition to the differential mount locations, the C5 cradle design offers us a better configuration for the placement of the additional bracing.


​All thirteen widths utilize the identical C5 adapters, and are narrowed by removing material from the center of the lower cradle. 


The cradle to the left has had 8" removed from the center.  It is then secured to a set of jigs - top and bottom and welded back together.


The welds have been detailed, and the assembly has been reinforced with the addition of a 1" x 3" solid aluminum plate in the rear.

PLEASE NOTE: The cradles are no longer offered with the slotted plate in the opening.  These plates required the raising of the differential about an inch, or the removal of the fins on the bottom of the differential. However, we do now include FREE SHIPPING!

Below left is a stock, full-width C5 cradle with a 12" narrowed version behind it - complete with the steel bracing.  The steel bracing is only necessary on the 10", 11" and 12" narrowed versions because so much of the cradle's aluminum has to be removed from the cradle to allow clearance for the differential.


On the right is the 12" narrowed cradle with the C5 Corvette 6-speed transaxle nestled in between the adapters.


We are currently not narrowing cradles.  However a competent welding shop

in your area should be able to perform the task. 

We recommend using a 5356 Aluminum filler rod.


C5 / C6 Corvette Rear Cradles

All Cradles are pressure-washed and inspected for damage and/or twists.

The Cradles are available in Thirteen widths to accommodate just about any custom project that you can dream up!  All of the widths listed below are based on Wheel Mounting Surface to Wheel Mounting Surface Dimensions:

66.75” / 65.75” / 64.75” / 63.75” / 62.75 / 61.75” / 60.5”

 59.75” / 58.75” / 57.75" / 56.75" / 55.75" / 54.75"

As with drivetrain Types 1, 2, 3 and 4, a C5 or C6 cradle can be used for the 66.75” full-width configuration, but we recommend using a C5 cradle when

ordering a one to twelve-inch narrower version.

                                 Standard Width C5 Cradle                                $150.00

                                 Standard Width C6 Cradle                                $250.00


Narrowed C5 Rear Cradles

Since the C5 Corvette differentials have a single mount positioned at the rear of the unit and the C6 differentials have dual mounts, positioned on the sides, we recommend only  narrowing the C5 Cradles.  However, if you want to use a C6 Corvette differential, the side mounts could be machined off and a rear mount could be added.  The C6 Cradles may also be narrowed, but the mounts on the cradle will be too close together to mount the differential.

                                1" - 6" Narrowed C5 Cradle                               $700.00

                              7" - 12" Narrowed C5 Cradle                               $625.00

                  Machining for C5 Differential (7" - 9")                               $150.00

Machining & Bracing for C5 Differential (10" - 12")                               $350.00

C5 Corvette Front Cradles

Narrowing the front cradles will necessitate the modification of the rack and pinion unit.


                              1" - 12" Narrowed C5 Cradle                               $700.00

Cradle prices include free shipping within the 'Lower-48' United States.

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