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Corvette Mid-Engine Go-Kart
Built with the same track and wheelbase as a C5 Corvette, but 1,300 pounds lighter!



Our Corvette Go-Kart is basically a Mid Engine Corvette that a builder can complete in a few months.

When our kits are bolted to the Corvette cradles, the outside of the

frame rails are 31.75" in the rear and 34.75" in the front.

By widening the rear cradle 3" the widths are the same for the frame front and back.

Of course, the rear track of the car also increases by 3" giving it sort of a Corvette wide-body stance. 


This way, a straight piece of 2" x 4" steel or aluminum can be bolted into the adapters with a couple bolts each and you're ready to add the suspension.




The best way to build one of these is to start with a clean, low-mileage C5 or C6 Corvette rolling chassis. 


These are pretty common on eBay and Craig's List and they're not priced too high either.

From the Corvette, you can salvage:

4 - Wheels and Tires

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