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What Makes the Corvette Interface Kits So Innovative?

Our kits were designed with the 'Do-It-Yourself' builder in mind – and the KISS principle, which dictates, “Keep It Simple, Stupid!”


Dobbertin Performance Innovations' heavy-duty, heat treated, A356 cast aluminum adapters take all the guesswork out of the C5 or C6 Corvette IRS or IFS installations and enable the entire conversion to be completed in a matter of days, instead of weeks. 

On the outside of each adapter are six vertical braces with all of the mounting points, precisely positioned for the upper control arms and the shocks. 


The mounting points were found using 'Old School' techniques and building full-scale prototypes on a massive frame jig – holding our tolerances much closer than the OEM parts. 


On the inside of each adapter is a full-length channel where the entire system is mounted to the 2” x 4” rectangular frame rails.

On the bottom of each adapter are two mounting pads to mount the cradles.

Just as in the original Corvette mounting points, the right adapter allows for an eighth-inch variance from side to side, in case the frame rails are a little off.  This is accomplished by slotting the two adapter to cradle mounting holes on the right adapter an eighth-inch either way.

Variations on the Frame Rails


In addition to the 2" x 4" frame rails mentioned above, the frame rails may also be made from 2” x 3” rectangular tubing, or double 2” x 2” square tubing – plus an adapter plate kit could be machined to utilize a pair of 1.75” OD round tubes instead of the rectangular or square tubing, if desired.

Once Again...
Here's How Our Corvette Interface Adapters Make Your Life Easy:

First, the two Corvette Interface adapters are bolted to the original C5 or C6 Corvette aluminum lower cradle with two bolts per side.  With this connection completed, the original cradle is immediately transformed into a complete top-to-bottom cradle, with every suspension mounting point now in it's proper place.

02 - ADAPTER STEPS - 1 - 300DPI.jpg
03 - ADAPTER STEPS - 2 - 300DPI.jpg

Next, the upper control arms are raised into position and bolted to the adapters with two bolts per side.  Another couple bolts on each side for the top shock mounts and the 'suspension module' is completely assembled. 


The upper control arms and shocks as well as the mounting hardware are installed from the top of the adapter – with all stainless steel hardware – which is supplied in the kit.

04 - ADAPTER STEPS - 3 - 300DPI.jpg
05 - ADAPTER STEPS - 4 - 300DPI.jpg

Once everything is in place, the top billet aluminum cover plate / girdle is mounted to give the adapter a high-tech finished appearance, as well as adding to the strength of the entire assembly.

It Just Doesn't Get Any Easier Than This!

06 - ADAPTER STEPS - 5 - 300DPI.jpg

Front and Rear Wheel Alignment is as Simple as Aligning a Factory C5 or C6 Corvette -
and the Specifications are Identical.

The stock Corvette rear transverse spring may be utilized if the cradle doesn't need to be narrowed, or it can be replaced with coil-over shocks.  The coil-overs may also be used along with the stock transverse spring, if desired.  Of course an air ride system is always another option.

​Custom Width Cradles for Custom Applications


Measuring from the rotor-to-rotor Wheel Mounting Surfaces, (or WMS) the cradles can be narrowed to thirteen different widths – Standard Corvette, which is 66.75” – as well as 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12-inch narrower versions.  (More information on the widths is available in Section 12 - How to determine the Proper Width Corvette Interface Kit.)

​All thirteen widths utilize the identical adapters, and are narrowed by removing material from the center of the lower cradle. 


The cradle to the left has had 8" removed from the center.  It is then secured to a set of jigs - top and bottom and welded back together.


The welds are detailed, then the assembly is reinforced with the addition of a 1" x 3" solid aluminum plate in the rear, as shown in the two photos below.  

The 3/8" plate with the three slots is optional and mainly used with applications using aftermarket transaxles.

Below left is a stock, full-width C5 cradle with a 12" narrowed version behind it - complete with steel bracing.  The steel bracing is only necessary on the 10", 11" and 12" narrowed versions because so much of the aluminum has to be removed from the cradle to allow clearance for the differential.


On the right is the 12" narrowed cradle with the C5 Corvette 6-speed transaxle nestled in between the adapters.

These kits can make just about every backyard project look like a high-tech professional conversion and give the builder the sense of accomplishment that goes right along with it!

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