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Transmission Mounts - First Style

(For use with the C5 Corvette Differential)

We recommend Energy Suspension's GM transmission mounts for all of our applications. 


The part number is 3-1108R for the red mount and 3-1108G for the black mount.

It's a very simple mount with slotted holes and an interlocking urethane cushion, along with zinc plated steel brackets.

Below are some examples of typical installations.

The left photo below shows a standard-width C5 cradle with the factory C5 differential mount.  The right photo shows a narrowed C5 cradle with the trans mount recess removed, so the factory mount effectively raises the differential about one-inch.

The left photo below shows Energy Suspension's mount with a one-inch wood spacer to make up the difference in the cradle's recess.  The right photo shows a narrowed cradle with the new mount and a simple, 1.50" x .50" aluminum bar with two holes for the mount and two holes for the C5 differential, which can easily be fabricated by the builder. 

Transmission Mounts - Second Style

(Hanging Style for Custom Applications and Aftermarket Transaxles)

Due to the difference in just about every installation,

this style mount is currently not being offered.

Sorry about that...

These Transmission mounts are a simple, stand-alone, hanging mount that's just about as universal as it gets, as seen in the photos below.

The main brackets are shown in the photos below. 

This complete transmission mounting kit includes:

  • The main brackets

  • The Energy Suspension transmission mount kit

  • Two lengths of tubing

  • Four weld-in threaded bungs - 2 RH and 2 LH

  • Four 1/2" spherical rod ends - 2 RH and 2 LH

  • 2 clevises

  • Hardware for the upper and lower rod ends

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