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1967 Corvette Coupe
A very rare, fully loaded, 427 Coupe

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This turned out to be a near fully optioned coupe, which included:
427 Cubic Inch / 3 - 2-barrell carbs / 430 Horsepower Engine

M21 Close Ratio 4-Speed Transmission

Transistor Ignition System

Side-Mounted Exhaust System

Upgraded Front and Rear Suspension


Soft Ray Tinted Glass, All Windows

Power Windows


Shoulder Belts

Air Conditioning

Power Brakes

Power Steering

Telescopic Steering Column

Speed Warning Indicator

AM / FM Radio

Cast Aluminum Bolt-On 'Knock-Off' Wheels

Redline Tires

NOTE: The photos in the gallery are not of my Corvette, whereas the one in the magazine article is. 

I will replace the photos if and when I ever come across them.


  • Through the years, I always had a favorite Corvette model – a 1967 big-block coupe. So, when I got the chance to pick one up that was mid-way through a restoration at a reasonable price – I didn't hesitate a minute.

  • The car had already been stripped, but after a little research I found that it had originally been white with a medium blue hood stripe (which matched its medium blue upholstery).


  • The best part was that it was a near fully optioned coupe.

  • I spent several months finishing the restoration, then it went to Chip Whittington for a factory correct white with blue paint job.


  • I'll have to admit that the restoration was a lot more difficult than I had ever imagined. Just one little piece of hardware can take days to locate and cost dozens of times more than it would have cost in 1967.


  • Like always, money was tight, especially after completing a project, so when I received an offer for $16,500.00, I immediately took the deal!


  • I remember thinking, “This guy must be nuts! I mean really... how much more would a car like this ever be worth?”


  • Please don't tell me.


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