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Mission Statement

With the cost of performance parts steadily climbing out of reach for the average automotive enthusiast, many builders opt out of incorporating an independent rear suspension into their projects.   


So we decided to design our Corvette Interface Adapter Kits with the 'Do-It-Yourself' builder, on a budget, in mind – along with the KISS principle, which dictates, “Keep It Simple, Stupid.”


These state-of-the-art kits and Corvette components are not only a fraction of the cost of many IRS conversions, but also make it simple enough for the average builder to complete the installation himself or herself, in a moderatly equipped home-based shop - therefore bringing the cost down even further, by saving the labor costs for a reputable shop to do the work.


Dobbertin Performance Innovation's heavy-duty, heat treated, cast aluminum adapters take all the guesswork out of the C5 or C6 IRS installations and make this all-aluminum Corvette IRS conversion much simpler to install than a conventional ladder-bar, 4-link or leaf spring system – because the every suspension component is incorporated into one complete, easy to install, Suspension Module.


There are no brackets to weld on the frame, there is no panhard rod or watts-linkage to keep the rear axle centered and no spring or shock mounts to install.


In fact, the IRS system can be completely assembled, including the tires, then raised up to the frame and moved forward and backward along the rails, to make sure that the tires are positioned correctly within the wheel wells, before mounting it. This way it's mounted exactly where you want it the first time – every time.


Our kits can make just about every 'backyard' project look like a high-tech professional conversion and give the DIY builder the sense of accomplishment that goes right along with a job well done!



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