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V8 Trikes
A Breed of Their Own!



This is the ultimate 'back-half' frame assembly for your next project!
It can be used with either our Type 3 or Type 4 mid-engine layouts.

We also have one 'Frame in a Frame' assembly that makes powertrain swaps a breeze.
One inner aluminum frame for mounting your engine, transmission and suspension
that can be swapped between one mid-engine project to another.  



  • Once you take a good look at our Type 3 or Type 4 kit layouts, you'll think that they were made exclusively for the V8 Trike enthusiast.


  • A simple rear frame with a 12.5” rise from the lower main rail to the upper one and you're in business.


  • Simply bolt on one of our Rear Corvette Interface Kits and the rear of the Trike is ready and waiting for the C5 or C6 suspension components.


  • To add to the “No freaking way...” sensation, we came up with a one-off' Frame in a Frame configuration, designed to swap the entire drivetrain from one Trike to another in a matter of a few hours.


  • Just think about it... you could build three or four Trikes and one over-the-top drivetrain that could be used in all of them.


  • Or how about one drivetrain that you could swap between a Trike, an old C-10 rat-rod pickup and a 1970 Chevelle!


  • As I mentioned earlier, there will only be one of these from us – but you could still make your own!


  • There are some photos of the 'frame in a frame' configuration, as well as the more conventional, single frame layout.


  • I've also added some photos of Trikes that already have (or might have) Corvette rear suspensions already installed.

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