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Some Drivetrain Ideas


Once these State-of-the-Art Corvette Interface Adapters are installed, there's plenty of room to set up your project with 4 distinct drivetrain configurations,

or Types - as we refer to them. 

Type I

Front Mounted Engine & Trans Driveshaft

Camaro 'Hammerhead' Differential

Engine conversions

Type II

Front Mounted Engine

Torque Tube

Corvette 6-Speed Transaxle

(A Corvette Automatic Transaxle   may also be used.)

Engine conversions

Type III

Mid Mounted Engine

Mid Mounted Automatic Corvette Transmission

(A Powerglide or Custom Trans may also be used)

Engine conversions

Type IV

Mid Mounted Engine

Mendeola SDR5 Transaxle

(Other Transaxles are also OK, such as Corvair or Porsche)

engine conversions

One of the major advantages of the Mendeola SDR5 transaxle is that it will bolt right up to any Chevy V-8 or small-block Ford – Without any adapters!

Below is an LS-3 / Mendeola transaxle conversion in a 1994 S-10 pickup.

The Corvette Interface Adapters work completely independent of the engine and trans mounts, making swaps like this quite simple and straightforward.

Below are two photos of an all-aluminum, bolt together frame that was

fabricated in less than two days. 

It was designed with the C5 Corvette's 104.5" wheelbase and would be a great starting point for an Autocross car, or maybe even a sand rail. 

Rolling chassis

Please note that the FRONT Suspension Adapters in the two above photos are our prototypes and won't be available for shipping until February or March of 2018.

Here's another thought - looking at the photo below...

How about building a complete mid-engine drivetrain rear subframe that could be interchanged between a few different project vehicles? 


You could have a fairly new pickup, an old Chevy panel truck and a sand rail that all shared the same drivetrain.  It could even incorporate a quick-release wiring harness and a full cooling system, complete with the radiator and hoses.

Custom frame

If you can imagine, chances are you can accomplish it with our Corvette Interface Adapter Kits, Cradles and Components!

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