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Manta Mirage - 2
An 'old-school' race car built in the 70s and raced only once!


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This is a 1979 Manta Mirage race car in like-new condition. 

It currently has no engine or transmission,

but the frame and suspension

components are all there.


  • The way I heard the story on this one is that a 'wealthy gentleman' had a friend with a race car, and one day the race car owner offered to take his friend around a race track a few times, just for the fun of it.

  • They had rented the track with a few other drivers, so the entire facility was pretty much theirs.

  • After running around the track several times, the afore mentioned 'wealthy gentleman' was hooked.

  • So he picked up this Manta kit car and had some professional builders construct a top-notch race car - complete with all the trick suspension components and a 427 Chevy engine with a five-speed transmission.

  • Well, they rented the track a few more times - then came race day.  

  • Within the first lap of the course, the new owner realized that there was one hell of a difference between running around the track all alone and running with another dozen cars, with everyone trying to finish first.

  • He pulled the car off of the track and got out.

  • Not too long afterwards, the guy I got it from bought it - mainly for the 427 Chevy engine and transmission. 

  • At that time, I wanted to build a nice LS3 powered version for the street, so I worked out a deal and I began modifying some of the suspension components with a few more braces here and there. 


  • I also upgraded the wheels, tires and brakes.

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